"Other" Bloodlines

Following is a list of crossbreds and breeds that don't fit into the other categories, although the term "New Zealand Warmblood" used to describe crossbreds (as of hot blood/cold blood cross), it now usually refers to horses of European descent. Stationbred is a term that describes the environment a horse was bought up in, rather than its breeding. They were horses of mixed blood (Clydesdale, Thoroughbred and Standardbred, sometimes with infusions of American Walking Horse or Lippizanner, etc). Stationbreds were bred to work stock on large stations, with long days under saddle often on rough and steep country. Stationbreds and Thoroughbreds were the horses that New Zealand built its international Sporthorse reputation on.

Chrialka Zibu, Chrialka Donar, Craighaven Lord Astra, Queen of Diamonds, Delightful Dior

Chrialka Zibu
Bu at Taupo with Job

The studs foundation sire, putting into his progeny what we admire so much in him - a wonderful temperament, athletic ability and a willing, trainable attitude.

Glendevon Commander
Royal Stewart Royal Bon Accord Torrs Concord
Blueton Pleasure Muirton Security
Donnybrook Donna Sandy Erskine  
Donnybrook Doris Valmount MacLeod
Fickle XX Telereign Sovereign Edition Grey Sovereign
Ruelle Summertime
Splurge Grey William Grey Sovereign
Suzie Fair Fairs Fair


Chrialka Donar
Chrialka Donar The poor lad hasn't been used as he should - stunning from the start he has been kept as understudy to Zibu. He has several foals though, with C. Chic being the eldest.
C. Zibu Glendevon
Royal Stewart Royal Bon Accord
Donnybrook Donna Sandy Erskine
Fickle Telereign Sovereign Edition
Splurge Grey William
Dutch Treat Polaris Luxus Der Lowe
Oswalda Volkorn
Reg TB mare    


Craighaven Lord Astra
Craighaven Lord Astra Purchased from Craighaven Sporthors Stud near Whakatane, "Marty" was purchased to put over the fillies we had retained for breeding.
Only recently backed, Marty has gone back up to Whakatane to be trained, just over the fence to where he was bred!
Although only a pocket sized horse, Marty's foals don't look as if they are going to be as small as their sire!
Lord Welton Welton Crackerjack Welton Gameful Princes Game
Queens Entry Kings Approach
Legendary Lady Reprimand Mummy's Pet
Sharp Incline Sharpo
Astra Amber Shamal Nightly Stroll Gilpin Park
Malish Irish Chieftain
Astra Tune Whistling Willie Whistler
San Louise Kardistan


Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds This is the mare that started it all. Queenie will always be remembered with affection. She ruled the broodmare herd and made sure that every mare knew her place - from standing to be served to enforcing good mothering skills!
Queenie was in foal and with foal at foot when we purchased her at the Waipaoa Dispersal sale. Her last foal we have retained.
'99, C. Kaiser, c c by Overnight Express
'01, C. Pich, b c by C. Zibu
'02, C. Braveheart, b c by C. Zibu
'04, C. Gem, b f by C. Zibu

Kingsway Diamond (ID) King of Diamonds Errigal Silvermines
Ruby True Boy
Brawnlahan Beauty Gortlee Kenmare
Sarue Beauty Pride of Bantry
Horofama XX Patron Saint St Crespin Aureole
Lovely Lady My Love
Shining Hour Portofino Premonition
Pervin Probation


Delightful Dior

Delightful Dior Dior was purchased to breed some smaller foals, suitable as first horses or small ladies hunters. The mix of Clyde, Thoroughbred and Standardbred blood generally throws a steady, able, jumping type.
Dior had two foals with us, one we have retained for our daughter.
'06, C. Damica, br f by C. Zibu
'07, C. Charm, br f by C. Donar

Vance Hanover Albatross Meadow Skipper Dale Frost
Voodoo Hanover Dancer Hanover
Valentine Hanover Best of All Good Time
Valentine Day Tar Heel
Delightful Debbie Tudor Hanover Tar Heel Billy Direct
Time Wave Shadow Wave
Miss Debra Great Evander Bill B
Beverly Light Light Brigade