Thoroughbred bloodlines

This list starts with Prince Ferdinand, who has sired some of the current youngsters, followed by current mares, then dams of youngstock still on hand. For queries of stallions or mares whose foals are no longer represented at the stud please contact us.

Prince Ferdinand, Skin, Abstract, Sa Memoire, Sophie Jean, Megastyle, Straight Pass, Star Piece.

Prince Ferdinand
Prince Ferdinand

Prince Ferdinand was leased from Courtney and Mandy Howells of Ainsley Downs Stud, Te Kauwhata, for the '07 season. He sired three lovely foals out of Zibu fillies we had retained.

Foals '08
C. Franzia, b f out of C. Giselle
C. Piccolo, b f out of C. Etoile (now in China)
C. Rehoboam, br g out of C. Roshan

King of Spain Phillip of Spain Tudor Melody Tudor Minstrel
Sovereign Sails Sovereign Path Grey Sovereign
Red Sails Vilmorin
Greensward Blaze Sagaro Espresso Acropolis
Zambara Mossborough
Urugano Buisson Ardent Relic
The Tempest V Tourbillon



Skin is a beautiful mare, elegant, well conformed and with beautiful movement. She had a successful racing career spanning four seasons, retiring sound. Although she never competed off the track she showed excellent jumping style prior to entering the broodmare paddock.

'07 C. Flynt, b g by C. Zibu
'09 C. Soliel, br f by C. Zibu
'10 C. Sasin, b f by C. Donar

Heroicity Cheraw Caro Fortino II
Ceasefire Chambord
Fleeting World Wolverton Wolver Hollow
Bygone Busted
Arika Karol Kalamourn Zeddaan
Le Melody Levmoss
Kindly Syntax Count Rendered
Sabadora Golovine



Abby is a lovely bay mare, plain and sweet. She had a short and unsuccessful racing career as a 2yo - far too soon for her staying bloodlines! She was purchased in foal to City on the Hill and has since had three foals for us.

'08 C. Marie Jeanne, bl f by C. Zibu
'10 C. Aeolus, bl g by C. Donar
'11 bl f by C. Zibu

Imperial Seal Habitat Sir Gaylord Turn To
Little Hut Occupy
Blue Azure Crepello Donatello II
Blue Prelude Blue Peter
Manuhiri Lanfranco Relko Tanerko
Camo Pardao
Paiko Lass Bold Lad Bold Edge
Our Sunshine The Summit


Sa Memoire
Sa Memoire

A lovely laid-back mare, great temperament and good movement, from Rachel Hartree. Sassy had her first foal for us this year.

'11 br c by C. Zibu

Hula Town Sir Tristram Sir Ivor Sir Gaylord
Isolt Round Table
Hula Dance Riverton Luthier
Hula Bend Never Bend
Daya Bay Fox Bay Zephyr Bay Biscay
Primcetta Test Case
Leonova Mussorgsky Tudor Melody
Fleet Liza Copenhagen II


Sophie Jean
Sophie Jean

Bonnie was leased from Vicky Jacks and produced the most beautiful filly to Bu. Bonnie was a lovely mare to have - great to handle and a good mother. He bloodline needs no introduction. Her previous foals have been by Mighty Heights and Northwood Jetstream.

'11 br f by C.Zibu

Westminster Grosvenor Sir Tristram Sir Ivor
My Tricia Hermes
Apple Blossom Bismark II Relic
Mary Poppins Fairs Fair
I'm Sorry Vice Regal Bismark II Relic
Kind Regards Le Filou
Crimson Cloud Sovereign Edition Sovereign Path
Rainfall Le Filou



Meg was a lovely mare who had quite a troupe of foals for us.

Magnum Mode Chic Gloss Melchior

Famous Star Sharpen Up Atan Native Dancer
Rocchetta Rockefella
Hecla Henry The Seventh King Of The Tudors
Prestina Petition
That's My Style Zamazaan Exbury La Haar
Toyama Tulyar
My Carlyle St Puckle St Paddy
Italiana Le Filou


Straight Pass
Straight Pass

Pass was a lovely mare to handle, had great movement and produced one lovely foal for us. I had hoped for a filly, but...


Straight Strike Mr Prospector Raise a Native Native Dancer
Gold Digger Nashua
Bend Not Never Bend Nasrullah
Jenny Sue Royal Serenade
So Inviting Inviting Be My Guest Northern Dancer
Hardiemma Hardicanute
Prevail Wharf Herbager
Precarious Chatsworth II


Star Piece
Star Piece

Spider had two lovely foals for us, after a successful racing career. She was also a promising eventer before becoming a broodmare.

Foals Steele Sterlin

Masterpiece Bletchingly Biscay Star Kingdom
Coogee Relic
Sober Dancer Noalcoholic Nonoalco
Crystal Dancer Green Dancer
Spangled Lady Standaan Zeddaan Grey Sovereign
Castania Orsini
Selsfield Oncidium Alcide
That's On Copenhagen II