Clear the decks

Mark feels he has endured enough! If there is a youngster here who really catches your eye, please feel free let us know your plans and make an offer – my loss, your gain!

Stallion for lease

Chrialka Donar is available for lease due to me being busy on course. He throws lovely foals, and would have had more if he hadn't been waiting in the wings while we have used Bu.

Recently Sold

C. Solitaire. To Vicky and Steve Jacks. Whakatane. By C. Zibu, out of Sophie Jean (by Westminster). Solly will soon be backed.


Bloodlines we have used

Thoroughbreds - Warmbloods - Others

Our Foundation

At Chrialka we breed top quality crossbred Sport Horses. We were initially going to build on an Irish cross, but fell on our feet when we found Zibu. The Clydesdale brings strength, steadiness, sanity and soundness; the Thoroughbred adds heart, spice and refinement. Other breeds have been included in the breeding plan, resulting in a versatile athletic horse, suited to a range of disciplines and rider abilities. And of course they are all raised on the hills, in station fashion. Handled and treated as required, but not overly. They have plenty of room to develop, strengthen, socialise and mature in a herd environment.
All stallions and mares trace to top Thoroughbred sires. Nasrullah, Gainsborough, Fairway, Phalaris, Donatello II, Blenheim, Blandford, Robespierre and Precipitation are all in there. These lines go back a long way, but have remained exceptionally strong and reliable in Sport Horse breeding. Son in Law, grandsire of Fair Trial was one of the main Thoroughbred lines used in German Warmblood breeding.
Warmblood lines include Polarschnee, Polaris, Mt Everest, Urban and Distlefink.
All breeding stock is selected for temperament, movement and ability. It is necessary for them to be good to handle as they often run in paddocks of up to 100 acres and the majority of the horse work is done singlehandedly.


Our first youngsters therefore were ¼ Clydesdale, from Zibu, with most from Thoroughbred mares although there were some Cross bred mares as well. We were not so much staying with a breed, but trying to develop a good, athletic and versatile cross.


We acquired Overnite Express fairly early on in the piece, intending to use him over the heavier mares, or the smaller maiden Thoroughbreds. We were so encouraged by the type that Zibu was throwing from a range of mares, and his gentleness with them, that we only used Overniter for one season.


With the next generation being bred we have introduced new stallions to cover the daughters of Zibu that we have retained.


Somewhere in there we bred a few ponies too, but didn't time it well, with the age and experience of the children not fitting in with the age and size of what we bred.


mares and foals grazing

   Mares and foals grazing.

Post Date: 2-10-2014